The Power of Connections

“The positive shifts we have seen in education in the last few years are not because we have access to information; it is because we have access to each other”

George Couros

Connecting & Sharing.  Sharing & Connecting.

Our connections with one another have fueled some wonderful advances in our field – in that these connections have supported remarkable amounts of sharing.  

It is connecting & sharing, [not programs, technology, or initiatives], but sharing & connecting that make information, ideas, approaches, and tools meaningful.

Cycles of connecting and sharing with one another through the building of meaningful relationships with others, the leveraging of technology to share and develop ideas, and the creation of renewable learning experiences that give back to our field, are what make the Edu world ‘go round’ – and go forward.   


Working together in open spaces – connecting, collaborating, creating, reflecting, sharing, and repeating – supports our personal growth, holds us accountable for continuous improvement, accentuates our strengths, revitalizes and energizes our work, fuels our ideas, nurtures and develops relationships with one another, and gives back to our field. 

Connecting & sharing amplifies the great work  happening in the classrooms of excellent educators all over the world. 

Sharing & connecting provides fuel for one another’s learning cycles and, as a result, places emphasis on the elements of our profession that are most meaningful:  fostering and facilitating collaboration, promoting equity, making meaning, fueling passions, and inviting empowerment. 

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