#IMMOOC: Not for you – BY you.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been a part of such a flurry of frenzied learning that the jam packed, last six weeks of #IMMOOC has afforded me.   The experience has impacted me in subtle, yet truly significant, ways- some of which I wrote about in a recent post: Old Me vs New Me: Thank You, #IMMOOC.

Bottom line, though?  Connecting with this movement has brought me so much inspiration, encouragement, and happiness.  

One of the biggest takeaways from this series is a newfound outlook on OUR (yes, mine & yours) responsibility to contribute to the movement of innovation.

This discussion is not a conversation for an elite few to prepare and disseminate to hungry educators for consumption. 

No, it is a movement where all voices are valued, heard, and invited – not only  to participate but to create and contribute meaningfully.  In fact, innovation necessitates that each one of us reflect, remix, revise, and republish works.

In this way, #IMMOOC wasn’t created for us, it was created by us.

What an example for our own classrooms!

One of my favorite memories of this experience is logging into my first #IMMOOC live session to see @gcouros in his baseball hat.  My first thought was – “Hey! – I can relate to this guy”.  George facilitating in his ball cap gave me so much confidence that I was welcome in this space,- not just as a listener, but as a colleague, and fellow contributor.  Something about the ‘realness’ of his conversation (and baseball hat) combined with the accessibility and authenticity of @alicekeeler,   @katiemartinedu, @Dwight_Carter, @TaraMartinEDU gave me encouragement to share my ideas, connect with others, and take risks in my own learning.

The idea of ‘shattering perfect‘ and publishing an idea, thought, or connection before it has been through extensive vetting and proofing is a refreshing shift from the academia of higher education.  That’s not to say that formal research doesn’t have a place in our field – it certainly does, but I love how my #IMMOOC PLF also values the authentic and real action research educators like you and I engage in everyday.

So, #IMMOOC friends, it’s time to put on our ball caps, roll up our sleeves, and start our own individual cycles of action!



2 thoughts on “#IMMOOC: Not for you – BY you.

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