Meaningful Motivation

Meaningful Motivation #IMMOOC

I’m inspired today by @AnnickRauch‘s recent blog post about educators’ motivation – the “why” behind our work.   In her post, Annick reflects on her growth over time – particularly her exponential growth over the past year.  What sparked that energy and growth if her students’ happiness, learning, growth, and safety has always been her “why”?  Our students have always been “more than worth” the HARD HARD work it takes to sustain a path of energy, self reflection, and innovation in our field.   But what other fuel do we have for this fire?

Annick commends her PLN or – even better – her Professional Learning FAMILY (love that distinction by @TaraMartinEDU) for this added energy, confidence, and MOTIVATION to be her best self.

I couldn’t agree with Annick more –  The energy that comes from being part of a connected family of learners is incredibly inspiring.  I find myself harnessing that energy throughout my day – hearing quotes from my EDU family resonating in my mind as I offer feedback to aspiring educators or when students and colleagues push my own thinking.

The thing is, though – being part of this PLF has done something even more for my motivation and my “why”.


Our Professional Learning Family has helped move me from consumer to contributor.  Never before have I felt a greater connection between the work I do with individual learners and our field as a whole.  Being a part of this network of like minded thinkers, all pushing the envelope of status quo has sparked something in me – something incredibly motivating:  the motivation to contribute.  No longer do I want to be on the sidelines of our field.  Rather than my old consuming pattern of reading and implementing, finding and trying, I am inspired and motivated to design, create, and contribute to the discussion.  Because of our PLN, my reflections, my work, my ideas, are now all greater than me.  They have an audience of more than one.  They are part of a movement – part of something great – of which we are all contributing.


We have much in common with our students in regard to motivation.  We are all learners with an intrinsic desire to contribute to something meaningful – something real.  Let’s commit to offering this same motivation to the learners in our classrooms – by providing them opportunities to be meaningful contributors to our world.

Let’s commit to ridding our classrooms of ‘disposable assignments’ that have an audience of only one (the teacher) and instead, replace them with authentic, renewable learning experiences that invite our learners to contribute to a wider audience, a deeper discussion, a greater cause, a larger movement.


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