Keeping Why Present

As I reflect on today’s events in 2001 and on the rescue and restoration efforts of this hurricane season, I am reminded of how easily everyday life can muddy what is truly important, and how often my focus is pulled from those that matter most.   My messy home, needy children, and  hectic workday are all vying for my attention until suddenly, the most valuable moments of life slip into the back seat.

Until disaster strikes.

I’m not sure why it often takes tragedy to spark pause and reflection, but today I am reminded that building relationships with others can’t take a backseat to dirty dishes or lost car keys.   Spreading love can’t be sidelined when the budget is tight, my kids are sick, or I miss a deadline.  Promoting peace shouldn’t have to fight for time in my busy day.

Designating time for intentional self reflection helps me monitor my human nature tendency to undervalue relationships, to prioritize material goods, and deemphasize love.  Self reflection helps bring clarity to the muddiness of life, bringing to the surface the why in our work, the meaning in our actions, and purpose in our lives.

Thoughtful self reflection keeps the why ever present.

What strategies do you have for monitoring your own thoughts, balancing your responsibilities, and ensuring that your time, efforts, and energies are spent doing work that matters?   What stop gaps do you have built into your day that prompt you to refocus, self assess & reflect?

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