Blogging.  My New Superpower.

Bloggers have always amazed me.  Great bloggers are thoughtful and reflective; consistent, creative, and clear.   They are confident and courageous – ready and willing to take the leap of faith that learning in the open necessitates.

I love this image by @sylviaduckworth illustrating the MAGIC that happens when we (learners) step out of our comfort zone.  The image sparks something in me – it makes me want to be there – outside of comfort – in a new space of magic where preconceived notions are challenged, where fears are faced, and connections are made.

Image result for comfort zone sylvia duckworth

So – as new and daunting as it may be, today I join you, superhero bloggers.  Today I move from consumer to creator.  From participant to contributor.    Today I don my cape and step into the great unknown.  Words won’t always come easily for me, and I won’t be an expert in all things.  My work won’t be perfect and I won’t always have the answers.  But I will be thoughtful and reflective.  I will push the limits of my comfort zone.  I will contribute.  I will be BRAVE.

B  |  Benevolent

R  |  Relationship centered

A  |  Authentic

V  |  Values based

E  |  Empathetic






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